The day we received a call about 2 horses, not able to be handled, both limping and in danger of going to a kill buyer the rescue was already on overload with intakes, but we responded.

The one horse, Eclipse went to a great home immediately who had the capacity to work with her and do training.   Hope went to one of our locations and while she had food in her belly, she was above the handlers pay grade.  She got medicine thru her feed which helped her abscess, the cause of her limping. 

Hope was young, just 3 and never been handled, let alone taught anything.  She would kick you if you tried to touch her back end or legs, and walking along side you she would just bite you, for no reason other than she felt like it. 

Hope ended up going to training for 45 days with Zach and a horse was born.  There are special people out there in this world that just have a way with a horse such as Hope.  We can’t explain it, but one day that light bulb just went on in Hope’s head and she turned the corner.  

Weeks of ground work led to the eventual saddling of Hope.  To our pleasant surprise she did very well.  Never offered to buck, bite or kick anymore.  To say the least we were very impressed with her progress. 

Hope then moved to one of our other rescue locations and soon after we received an adoption application for her.  We’ve passed up several homes prior as they weren’t the right fit for what Hope would require to be successful and a good member of a family.    As it turned out, this lady was a great match for Hope. After talking with our trainer, and meeting Hope the decision was made to approve her adoption.  

Hope is truly a success story because so many horses just like her end up in bad situations.  They are born, not handled, and moved from place to place, each person not taking the responsibility to teach them how to be a good horse.  As a rescue we try to stop the cycle of this happening and take horses before they end up in a kill pen at an auction and deemed dangerous and crazy.   Hope deserved a chance, and we’re very happy that we were able to give that to her.  

We have learned that even when presented with a young, scared, biting, and kicking horse that just like with any horse, they still just want to be loved and cared for.  Sometimes you just have to look a little further to find the key to their heart. 

We wish Hope and her new family many years of happiness. 

Heartland Equine rescue helps horses in Southern Indiana and surrounding states.   We have two  facility locations and also two other satellite locations that are used for fostering or training.  

We will work with law enforcement on neglect situations, take in owner surrenders and also assist owners who are in need of placement or temporary help to care for their equine. 

Our rescue has horses available for adoption and some that are still in rehab or training.   Heartland also has those horses that due to age or medical conditions will remain with us for their lifetime.   If you are interested in any horses that are still in rehab or training we can pre-approve you to adopt. 

We have no paid staff, we are strictly volunteers.  

Our References:

Vet:   Dr. Grant Hinder, Downhome Veterinary - New Salisbury, IN

          Hillside Veterinary - Floyd Knobs, IN

          Stone Ridge Equine - Evansville, IN

Farrier:  Mr. Chris Guffey.

Prior Adoptors:   Those references of individuals who have adopted from Heartland Equine are happily provided by request. 

MAILING ADDRESS:  Heartland Equine Rescue Inc.

                                    2131 Edsel Lane NW #121    

                                    Corydon, IN 47112

EMAIL:   [email protected]