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Any adoption application MUST be accompanied by pictures of your barn/facility.  No exceptions.  References will be required.    


If you have any questions, please feel free to use the contact form on the website, or just send us an email.  We are happy to answer any questions you have about a particular horse you are interested in, or about our rescue in general.


Thanks for looking and considering adoption!

Adoption Application

Thank you for your interest in adopting an Equine from Heartland Equine Rescue Inc.   To ensure that each of our horses finds a permanent and loving home, our application asks several detailed questions that are necessary for the screening process. All information will be kept completely confidential. The Horse’s Welfare is our Foremost Concern  We Reserve the Right to Refuse Adoption to Anyone.  PLEASE SEND PHOTOS W/YOUR APPLICATION OF THE HORSE PASTURE/BARN/RUN INS, FENCING. 

NAME OF HORSE YOU ARE APPLYING FOR:_________________________________

Applicant Information:

Full Name: ____________________________________________ Age: _____________

Complete Address: _______________________________________________________


Home Phone Number: __________________________

Cell Phone Number: __________________________

Place of Employment: __________________________Occupation:_________________


Email: __________________________________________________________________

Horse Ownership Information:

Do you currently own any horses? NO (__) | YES (__) (If yes please describe, if more than three, please include on back of page)

Horse 1: Breed: ___________________________________________ Age: _____ Sex: _________

Horse 2: Breed: ___________________________________________ Age: _____ Sex: _________

Horse 3: Breed: ___________________________________________ Age: _____ Sex: _________

If no, have you previously owned a horse(s)? NO (__) | YES (__) If you have previously owned a horse(s), indicate whether the horse(s) was sold, given away, or died (list age and cause of death.)

_____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________

Do you have any animals other than horses? YES (__) | NO (__) ~ If yes, what kind?

Have you ever adopted a horse/animal from a rescue or animal protection agency? YES (__) | NO (__) ~ If yes, which one? Where is that horse/animal now?

Why are you interested in adopting a rescue horse?

Have you or any member of your family / household been accused, issued a warning / citation, or been convicted of any crime including animal cruelty, negligent care of animals or other humane violations? YES (__) | NO (__) If yes, please explain (Answering yes does not automatically disqualify you):

Have you ever sold a horse to auction? YES (__) | NO (__) If yes, please explain:

General Horse Care:

Who will be responsible for the care / feeding / training of this horse? _____________________________________

Who will be the primary handler / rider? ____________________________________________________________

Please describe past experience/history if any with horses (lessons, length of time, training, etc.): _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________

Briefly describe your training philosophy, what practice(s) do you employ when correcting negative behaviors?

_____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________



Based off of the options below, what do you consider your level of expertise in caring/working with horses?

Beginner: New around horses, comfortable riding at a walk, little to no horse care knowledge

Advanced Beginner: Comfortable at walk and trot, limited knowledge, but can recognize signs of illness

Intermediate: Comfortable at all gaits, can handle horses that test rider, able to treat minor wounds.

Experienced: Comfortable handling difficult horses in various environments / situations.

Very Experienced: Previous experience training horses and / or in handling green horses.


That is the intended use for this horse?

Pleasure | Trail Riding | Lesson Program | Police Force | Fox Hunting | Racing | Steeplechase | Timber Racing | Eventing | Hunter | Jumper | 4-H | Pony Club | Roping | Barrels | Western Pleasure | Team Penning | Driving | Gaming Showing | Dressage | other: (describe): __________________________________________________


If the specific horse you are applying for is not available or won’t meet your needs, would you consider another horse? YES (__) | NO (__)

Will you accept a horse with a limitation, but one still suitable for the intended purpose? YES (__) | NO (__)

Are you willing to adopt a horse that may have limitations on its use? YES (__) | NO (__)

For untrained horses: Are you planning to hire a trainer if you adopt a horse above your experience level? If yes, Name of Trainer ________________________ Phone number: ______________ Email: _____________________

If Currently a horse owner, please fill in the following:

How often do you vaccinate? ____________________________________________

Date of last vaccinations and type of vaccines given to horse(s): _____________________________________________________________________________________________

How often do you worm? _______________________________________________

Date of last worming for current horses and please describe your deworming program (type of dewormer used, how often, etc.): _____________________________________________________________________________________________

How often do you trim/shoe? ____________________________________________

Date of last farrier visit for current horse(s): _________________________________________________________

How often do you have your horses’ teeth floated? ____________________________________________________

Date of last dental float: ________________________________________________

Describe your feeding program (types of feed, hay, frequency and portions, etc.) __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Facility or Boarding Information: (A site check will be performed prior to any adoption. Please fill out the next sections as thoroughly as possible. Please note we do require the facility to have adequate shelter and safe fencing in good repair.)

Will the horse be stabled on your property or boarded out? ________________________

If kept on your property:

Do you own the property where your horse will be living? YES (__) | NO (__) If yes, how long? _______________

Do you rent the property where your horse will be living? YES (__) | NO (__) If yes, please answer the following: How long have you been renting the property? ____________

If you Rent - Do you have permission from the landlord to keep horse? _______________________________________________

Landlord’s Name: ________________________________________ Phone:_____________________________ 

What is the number of acres the horse will be pastured on? ________________________

What is the total number of horses on this property? _____________________________

What type of shelter do you have for the horse? ________________________________

If you have a barn, please give the number and size of stalls._______________________________

What type of fencing is used? _______________________________________________________

Where will the horse primarily be kept (pasture, stall, etc.)? _____________________________________________

If turnout is limited, how many hours of turnout a day will the horse receive? _______________________________

If the horse is to be boarded on someone else’s property:

Name of boarding stable: _________________________ Owner: _____________________________

Address of stable: _________________________________________________________


Phone Number: _________________________

Are you currently or have you previously boarded a horse at this facility? ______________________________

Will you be paying for full-care, partial-care, or self-care board? _________________________________________

Are you financially prepared to provide proper veterinary, farrier, emergency care, etc.? YES (__) | NO (__)

References: (It is Heartland's policy to call all references. This process can take several days depending on the availability of your references. If unable to provide a veterinarian or farrier reference please provide two additional personal/professional non-related references.)  Please also provide pictures of your farm or boarding facility where horse will be kept. 


Please list the name and phone number of a veterinarian that has been to the facility in which the equine will be kept. The vet office must have you or your boarding facility as being a current client. 


Name: _____________________________________ Phone Number: _________________



Name: _____________________________________ Phone Number: __________________ Personal/Professional 

Personal References (cannot be relatives)

1. Name/Phone Number/ Years known: ________________________________________________________

2. Name/Phone Number/ Years known: ________________________________________________________

3. Name/Phone Number/ Years known: ________________________________________________________


 Heartland Equine Rescue Inc. retains the right to unilaterally seize the horse upon our determination that said horse is not being properly cared for, including neglect, physical abuse or mental abuse. If an adopted horse is found to have been abused or neglected, we will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law following our recovery of the horse and have the right to recover any legal fees if applicable.   This is based on guidelines per Indiana State Law, or the County or City governing Laws in cooperation with Animal Control or Law Enforcement.

 If for any reason you are unable to care for and need to return said horse, Heartland Equine Rescue Inc. requires the horse to come back to one of our facilities at your expense, and to be given at least a 5 day notice of such. No refunds will be given for either the adoption fee or any expenses incurred since adoption.

 You may not breed, sell, give away, assign, dispose or transfer horse while in your care. 

 Heartland Equine Rescue Inc. reserves the right to conduct unannounced site inspections to check on the condition of the horse and the stable.

 You agree to provide proper care and ongoing maintenance of the horse, to include, but not limited to year round shelter, free access to clean water, proper feed, inoculations, dental care, hoof care and worming. You are also responsible for providing veterinary care above and beyond in the event of illness, injury or accident.


By signing below, I agree to the conditions stated above and certify that the information on the application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I give Heartland Equine Rescue, Inc., its officers and agents’ permission to verify all the information contained therein.

Signature: ______________________________________________ Date: _______________________________

Please return the completed application: 

By email: [email protected]