Heartland Equine offers a program to owners who are needing to find homes for their personal horses.  Often times our rescue is full to capacity and we are not physically able to take in the potential equine.   

Heartland Equine will get as much information from you and pictures of the equine needing placement.   We then will post the equine for adoption noting that it is an "owner assisted placement" situation.   We do not charge an adoption fee, however, we do ask for $100 donation from adopting party to cover time spent in screening the potential home.  We do screen the potential home as we would any other horse with an application and adoption contract.   If horses need to be updated on any shots, worming, farrier, teeth float, or coggins prior to going to the new home, we will require the new owner cover expenses to your Vet prior to leaving your property, since there is no actual adoption fee. 

All potential homes are fully screened and must sign an adoption contract on the owner assisted horse.  No exceptions.  This protects the horse for his/her lifetime - and to ensure if something doesn't work out the horse will come back to the Heartland Equine Program.  

What we require from you the owner:   As much information about the horse as possible.  What type of home do you feel the horse would do best in.  Is the horse companion only or broke to ride, what type of rider, etc.   We also require you to take good pictures of the horse for us to post their pictures.  We will not ask you to meet us with potential adopters until an adopter has been fully approved.   So we won't send people over that just want to look at the horse.  People MUST be approved to adopt prior to us setting up an appointment with you the owner for the potential adopter to meet the horse.    

If you are interested in this program, or have more questions, please contact us at:  [email protected]