Heartland Equine Rescue has taken in several severe medical cases in the recent months.   We believe in giving all equine the chance at having a quality of life.  We do our very best to help them and get them the best medical care possible.   We've taken in some very tough medical cases over the recent months.  Donations are always appreciated.    

Since March of 2020, our rescue has spent over $14,000 in VET CARE only.   At the bottom of our page are payments made to various Vet's from our bank statement.    We can't do this without your help. Please consider donating to help a horse like the ones you see pictured below.   

Thank you! 

Meet Halo!!  (Rescued July 2020)    Halo is a mini horse who came into the rescue so we could help her with her feet issues.   Below are pictures of her xrays and condition.   She has now had the DDF Tenotomy procedure on both front legs. 

UPDATE:  August 2020 - Halo is continuing to heal from her surgery.  She is doing very well and received a trimming at her last visit and the special boot shoes are off.   She is still wrapped to give her legs some support/brace.  The Vet is very optimistic considering her recovery is going so well.    

UPDATE May 2021 - Halo is doing well.  She needs frequent trimmings to keep her feet growing right and even.  She has done so well since her surgery that we are just thankful for her progress.    


RIP Sweet Girl.  Due to her cancer Daisy had to be put to rest.   She had cancer on her neck, mouth and it was spreading.   

Meet Daisy!!  (Rescued 6/18/2020)   Daisy was at a local auction and due to her condition, despite her being broke to ride and a wonderful horse was low bid.  Our rescue purchased Daisy in order to give her a 2nd chance at life.  The Vet will be seeing her to determine the next step with this tumor on her neck.  

UPDATE - Wrigley was put to rest the end of October, 2020.   While the surgery seemed successful with the one leg, her other leg just wasn't able to be fixed.  It was kinder to put her to rest than to put her thru anymore surgery or treatments.   She will be missed by all of us.  

Meet Wrigley!! 

July 2020

Wrigley is a yearling who presented with a condition called "Physitis".   

Physitis involves swelling around the growth plates of certain long bones in young horses. Suggested causes include malnutrition, conformational defects, excessive exercise, obesity, and toxicosis. The condition is seen frequently in well-grown, fast-growing, heavy-topped foals during the summer when the ground is dry and hard, and on stud farms where the calcium:phosphorus ratio in the diet is imbalanced. This suggests that it is a result of overload of the physeal area due to excessive loading or weakened bone and/or cartilage, or a combination of these factors.

Physitis most commonly involves the distal extremities of the radius, tibia, third metacarpal or metatarsal bone, and the proximal aspect of the first phalanx. It is characterized by flaring at the level of the growth plate, giving a typical “boxy” appearance to the affected joints. Radiographs aid clinical assessment.

At this time Wrigley is in braces on her front legs and will be re-evaluated for surgery in the next few weeks.    She possibly will need a DDF Tenotomy and also the Check Ligaments cut.   


The "Milltown 6".   Listed below is images of the horses rescued on 12/29/2019

The "Fabulous 5" seizure:  Nikki, Nevaeh, Lexi, Aurora & Moose

Listed below is a picture Gallery of horses seized in Indiana late August 2019.   All are in rehab, and Nikki being the worst with a severe case of laminitis.  - REST IN PEACE NIKKI-ROSE.  WE ARE SORRY WE COULDN'T FIX THE NEGLECT THAT WAS DONE TO YOU.  :(

OWEN - Intake June 2019

He came to us from an animal control situation in Kentucky.   Neglect by the owner led to this sarcoid tumor getting extremely large and painful.   Our Vet initially tried injection shots, but after 2 weeks it wasn't making enough of a difference so he performed surgery to remove the tumor and will also do more injections after he heals up a bit.  
His surgery was $1,400 and done at Stone Ridge Equine in Evansville, IN    

Owen has a long road of recovery ahead of him, but we are hopeful that he can pull thru this ordeal.  

OWEN JULY 2020:   Owen has continued treatments for his tumors which are down to less than marble sized at this time.  We are hoping he will be done with treatments in a few months.   *These treatments of freezing off the tumor didn't work and we had to go with a more agressive Chemo type of treatment.  

UPDATE:  May 2021   We are happy to report that so far the tumor has not grown back!!   This has taken a long time, but it appears there is finally success with the chemo type treatments that Owen received.  We will continue to monitor him.   

Owen is healing well.  He has gone back to the Vet to have his tumor area injected again and also 2 new tumors that popped up in his neck area injected as well.  His treatments are expensive but we are not giving up!!!  

If you'd like to help with Owen's medical costs please use our donation button on our "home page" of this site.  Please specify for Owen. 
Thank you!!! 

(2017 - Current)   REST IN PEACE RIPLEY, WE WILL MISS YOU.  AUGUST 2019.  

RIPLEY - He came to us due to a seizure. He had been tied out with a red dog cable line and got tangled many times (due to the markings on his legs).  This particular day he was down and attacked by a pack of the owners dogs. They ate quite a bit of his tail, and also chewed off his right ear.   While Ripley has recovered from those injuries, he was also emaciated and has liver issues, and COPD.   He needs steroid shots, and also liver meds to continue to thrive.   He will remain in the rescue for a remainder of his life.